How To Run An Ultramarathon

Running an ultramarathon is doable with right training and preparation.

Running an ultramarathon is doable with right training and preparation.

Running an ultramarathon is a race that is doable, more so than most people think. There are some challenges that come along with running ultra distances, but with the right training and preparation you can finish an ultra. Here are some tips on how to run an ultramarathon.

  1. Build up your mileage base gradually. Rushing this can lead to burn out and injury. Having a good base is very important.
  2. Register for races that you can use as training races. The marathon and 50K distances are good for training for a 50 miler and a 50 miler can be a good training race for a 100 miler. Half -Marathons or 10Ks can be great training races for a little speed training.
  3. Be flexible. Don’t get caught up with following a training plan. Weather and injuries can keep you from sticking to a training schedule and that’s okay. Work, relationships and other commitments are important to maintain and should remain a high priority.
  4. Focus your mind on finishing. You will need every ounce of mental toughness you can muster to finish. At times mental toughness and focus are just as important, if not more important, than physical toughness.
  5. Find a friend who has ultra running experience who can coach and mentor you.
  6. You need to know how to run on tired legs. To do this schedule back to back long runs. Your legs will be tired from the first day’s run and this will simulate a race-like situation that you may face during your actually race.
  7. Know the course you will be running. Will it have mountains, flat roads, technical trails, or water crossings? Knowing this before hand can help you know how to train and prepare you mentally for what the race will be like.
  8. Remember to taper leading up to the race.
  9. When race day comes remember to go slow. It is easy to get caught up in the excitement and go fast. The name of the game is to maintain a manageable pace through out the whole race.
  10. Before race day think about clothing and gear. Will it be cold or hot? Will you be running in the dark? Some of these questions can help you know what clothing and gear you may need or do not need.
  11. Know your nutritional needs. Know what works for you and does not work for you.

These are my top eleven tips on how to run an ultramarathon. In future posts I plan on going into more detail on each of these points.


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