I grew up in Orem, Utah. A place where I had easy access to the mountains. If you knew me during my younger years, you knew that I loved camping, hiking, fishing and skiing in the mountains close to Orem. There was nothing better than getting away to the mountains to enjoy these activities.

When I learned about ultramarathon running and that these running events were run in the mountains, I thought: “I want to do that.” The novelty of it all appealed to me and thus running became a new medium to enjoy the mountains.

There is something about being in the mountains that makes running better. And there is something about running that makes being in the mountains better. The two together have a symbiotic relationship that has me always wanting to be in the mountains running.

….Man I love running, but just not running….running in the mountains on a single track trail is what I love!!

This blog is about my love of ultramarathon running and the things that I have learned along the way. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful. Thanks for visiting!!!

My “Running Resume.”


4 responses to “About”

  1. John says :

    Great info.

  2. Bond says :

    Hi Dallan 🙂 Hope your well. I am 23 years of age. I’ve done 7 full marathons with PB of 3:10. I am passionate about taking up my running to extremer levels and eventually want to do the Badwater UltraMarathon which may take few years before I do it.. I recently registered for my first ever ultra marathon 50 miles. I’ve always run on Road. This is in Arizona – Mountain 9000 feet and descends etc.. I have no idea what type of shoes I need/socks/do I carry a waist belt or what not..? I really want to do this and do it successfully.. I’m researching but ofcourse people like yourself with extensive experience can always give a word of advice… – Thanks alot.. -0 Amalikrun@gmail.com

    • Dallan says :


      I think you have a great foundation of experience under you with your 7 marathons and PB 3:10. That will make the jump to ultra running a lot more easy.

      As far as shoes go I would recommend either Hoka One One, Altra, or New Balance. Hoka One One provides a lot of cushioning, but are more prone to blistering. Altra shoes are a zero drop shoe that cater to the minimalist crowd. I have not run ultras in New Balance shoes, but I’ve heard that New Balance has a new trail running shoe out that are similar to Hoka One One, but are not as bulky and not as prone to blistering. The New Balance shoes may be worth a look.

      During an ultramarathon I prefer hydration packs. Altraspire is a good company that makes these types of packs along with other pruducts that can be used during an ultramarathon.

      I hope that helps. Let me know if you have other questions.

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